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I recently had a potential client tell me that she does not have any faith in the membership of any building association including the one we belong to which is the Master builders association (MBA). I might add at this point that we did get the deal after I explained a few things to her.

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Opposition paving companies that are not members of the MBA will obviously claim that they are not members because it is not important and that the MBA have no teeth or credibility. There have been numerous companies that have applied and been rejected membership due to their installation procedures or the company has a low credibility factor and do not want to comply with regulations laid out by the MBA which give customers recourse on any bad installation.
Most of these companies will make millions of excuses and offer a huge guarantee that has no foundation as they have no controlling body to assist the client with their guarantee.

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Why have we been members since 1991? One of the main reasons is that there are construction companies who do not do their own paving and will only use companies that can display the MBA logo on their site. These companies know that there is a recourse if the paving is not installed correctly and that their client will not call them back due to badly installed paving. This is a guarantee of work to a paving company that is a member of the MBA and therefore displaying the MBA logo on our web site is worth its weight in gold.


Membership does not come easy and it costs a lot of money per annum to stay a member. No major paving installation company would lay out big amounts of money for a membership to an organization if there was no reward. The reward is the contracts filled through the building industry that know that an MBA logo is a guarantee of a good installation.

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The next time a salesman tells you that it is a waste of time belonging to a building association you should re-examine the company and possibly give that company a miss as they more than likely do not qualify to be a member due to a number of factors which could include bad workmanship.