Fixing a bad paving situation.

There are many home owners that don’t know that it is possible to repair a driveway or pool area by using the same bricks. Normally the edge beam on existing paving is difficult to re-use but most of the rest of the bricks can be used again to assist in reducing the cost. The new bricks will age and get dirty in a relatively short time and then hardly be noticeable.

Relaying old bricks

Old bricks being relaid after levels were corrected.

We often save our clients R1000’s by re-using the existing bricks and bringing in plus minus 20% new bricks to make up for the bricks that are broken or can’t be used for one or another reason. We then scatter the old and new bricks in the paved area so that there are no obvious patches and the finished product is a bit mottled as opposed to patched.

old driveway made new

New bricks being spread among the old paving bricks.

We have found in a lot of cases that the company that did the original paving never did a strong edgebeam and that is why in most cases the paving collapses. This is one of the most critical areas of the paving but it can be hidden from unknowing clients. To conclude, if you don’t plan on selling your house in the near future and your paving is functional more than a showpiece for a potential buyer, then consider an uplift and relay to save a small fortune.

Scarifying the area to be paved.

Preparing the ground for water levels.

The area will still need to be scarified, levelled and re-compacted as if you were doing a new paving installation, the only difference is that 80% of the paved area has been done in your old bricks.

8 thoughts on “Fixing a bad paving situation.

  1. That is a serious problem and the longer it is left the worse it will become. You can try a product from builders warehouse specially made to clean paving. If your paving is clay then try a solution of 20% pool acid mixed with 80% water and brush with a firm (not hard) brush.

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  2. Hi Annelieze, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. you can try a product called pave clean at builders warehouse. Please contact me if you still have the problem. 084 300 4220


  3. Hi Sharon, There is nothing that will grow under your paving, however, grass and weeds grow in the little grooves between the bricks and create the impression that it has grown from below. Phone me on 0843004220 for more on the subject (Free advice)


  4. Sorry for the late reply, you can mix dry cement into the scarified soils before compaction but nothing can grow from under the paving. All grass and weeds grow from on top of the paving and works it’s way down.


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